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Teatime is our favourite time

It was a lovely afternoon,
when our special guests, Lady Peggy and Mister Hug entered the kitchen room,
where Miss Vindl’s 3b girls of “Kreative Werkstatt“ almost couldn’t wait any longer
not only due to the fact that their hunger got stronger and stronger,
but especially because their excitement was incredible
as they were planning to create something edible:
Together they made an effort to prepare Scones in a traditional way
– mixing a dough, putting fruit jam on it and topping it with cream – yay!
Guided by the careful instructions of Miss Vindl and her friend, the English native,
the girls had the chance to be highly creative.
But not only the scones made the afternoon that delicious,
we were drinking traditional British Earl Grey tea – scrumptious!
This is how a gorgeous afternoon was going by
– British tea, Scones and an extra piece of chocolate pie.
And when the clock turned tea time to come to an end,
we gave each other a helping hand,
were doing the dishes as a team
and finally came to the conclusion: This afternoon was a dream!

a poem by Miss Mohr

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